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Wtf is this

2021.11.29 19:17 mehmetshn778 Wtf is this

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2021.11.29 19:17 ConstructionNo2721 [Qc] Ararat-7-5583 - Album on Imgur

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2021.11.29 19:17 gifmeuk New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.11.29 19:17 Nutduffel Mood for Peak ‘21

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2021.11.29 19:17 LBUCKLEY_1 How does this channel get so many views for only doing evolution videos?

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2021.11.29 19:17 tahopg Game feels night and day different.

Last week i could rb pass accurately and cross goal shots were going in. Now hardly any of my rb passes go to the right person. And every shot the goalie either saves or hits the post. Ontop of my players just feeling slow as a whole. Im not sure exactly what they tried “tuning” but to me they seem to have made the game worse.
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2021.11.29 19:17 cecillennon Is this a JoJo reference??

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2021.11.29 19:17 XDflamer99 Anybody able to help me out with the MP trophies on Dead Rising 4 PS4

Working on getting platinum before christmas ends but the one part that stinks is the trophies in mp like take a picture of 3 team mates. The servers are dead so if anyone could help me out i would apreciate it my psn is InazumaFlame99
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2021.11.29 19:17 toonninja001 What's one thing you hate about cooking food for the holidays?

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2021.11.29 19:17 RWRanger1 AITA for snapping at my SIL when she explained to me her reasons for ‘setting me up‘ on a ‘surprise date’ with one of her friends?

Edits for missing words, grammar, etc should be expected. I haven’t slept all night.
I (M mid 30’s) am a single parent to one son, whom was adopted. I never knew or met his Father or Mother. Rest assured, he is very much loved and well cared for my my family, my friends and myself.
I have an older brother and he, respectfully has a wife (both in their thirties but they will soon be pushing 40.) they’ve always been supportive and a huge help as you can imagine. However, ever since I got my son, my SIL has more or less tried to ‘convince me’ to go out and meet someone as, ‘your son deserves a life with both parents.’, that stings a little but I have to agree that 2 parents are very important. (Love you Dad and Mom!)
I don’t have much of a desire at the moment to do so however. Between my son, my family and my job (also job changes, life and now the big bad virus that we are dealing with right now.) I don’t exactly unlimited free time. Recently SIL decided to help me out with that.
One week recently, my kiddo was off visiting his cousins and my grandparents and having a whale of a time. I finally had a respite and my brother phoned me up one day and invited me to have dinner with him, my wife and some of our collective, small friend group. I was all too happy to spend more time with my loved ones so I joined them out night at a local restaurant.
Among my brother, his wife and 2 of our friends (also a couple) was an unfamiliar face that I didn’t recognize. My couple friends aren’t a part of my story beyond this so I don’t have names for them. I asked as politely as I could who this young lady (30’s as well) was and SIL just told me that she was one of the group that I had not met yet and left it at that with introducing us to each other then on went the night.
Midway through though, our couple friend had excused themselves and as the night teetered on, my Brother and SIL, one by one, also gradually excused themselves. Leaving me alone with the ‘new friend, (NF respectively), and I jokingly asked if she would disappear along with everyone else but this nice young woman just smiled and shook her head and we continued with our conversation minus the rest of our party.
Unlike with the others though, NF really focused on asking questions about my son and I, a lot of questions about my son. I tried my best to answer her tidal waves of questions. Then she turned and started asking me more about myself. Generic ‘get to know you’ questions for the most part but then she focused her questions on my appearance. Not something that was initially strange.
I have ‘a few’ tattoos, a sleeve up each arm, turtles and whales if you’re curious. I know, hardcore.
And then came a question that I was hoping that no one would pry into that night.
You see, several years ago while on the way to an old job, I was in a motorcycle accident. A bad one.
A man in a truck came roaring down the highway at one point and before I and another driver could completely get further off to one side to let Mr. Tokyo Drift pass, he struck me from behind and sent my flying over the front of my bike.
And I was told later, I practically bounced over the hood of the car next to me, hit the pavement almost headfirst and half skidded, half rag dolled across the short strip of one road and tumbled to a stop on an grass embankment on the shoulder. My helmet ripped off somewhere along the way.
I don’t remember any of this but I’m not a small individual, I’m a larger guy. Not a giant or jacked like The Hulk but I’m on the fit/taller side and the mental image of getting thrown like a plush toy…not an image I can picture nor do I want to.
Next this I know, I’m bracing myself on the edge of the divider and trying to stand and a little group has converged around me, trying to get me to sit down but not actually making any moves to touch me. Despite their efforts I managed to prop myself up and began turning my head around to try and see what happened. Thankfully no one else had been injured, some scared certainly. EMS arrived relatively quickly which confused me at the time.
When I started trying to speak to them, I felt an odd sensation start registering on one side of my face, something felt wet and a numb ache slowly went from pins and needles to a horrible burning sensation. Thinking I had gotten scratched up a bit and maybe not some gravel on something I immediately lifted my hand to my face to try and wiped away whatever it was but one of the paramedics gently caught my wrist, explaining to me that I was injured and that I couldn’t touch my face.
From beyond there and into some of the healing process, things were a blur.
I didn’t suffer any life threatening injuries but when somewhere between making contact with the road, I had received a long cut that started under of of my eyes, ran down my cheek and ended at the corner of my mouth. You can guess what that wet sensation was. I have not touched a motorcycle since and never will again.
Thankfully I, somehow, did not suffer from a concussion.
For a time I was worried that my new feature would scare my son, make his afraid of me. And while he was understandable afraid and distressed after the bandages, thankfully he was not terrified of me now. Therapy and so much more were a great aid in that with everyone.
*With that long explanation complete,
Once I was healed well enough, many tried to convince me to hide the scar, to some extend to lessen the impact, I have done so for my son. But when I was finally going out more or less like usual, SIL had ‘convinced me’ to begrudgingly allow her to use her makeup skills to ‘fix my face’. She has expert skills in all sorts of makeup, including thing involving some latex. Can you see where I’m going with this?
Whenever I went out with them SIL would do her thing.
As it turned out, all of this was explained to NF.
I did my darnedest to answer what I could but she was kind enough not to linger on the subject.
By now though, the rest of our group had been gone for a good amount of time and I began to worry, apologizing to NF as I quickly checked my phone for missed calls or texts but there was nothing.
I voiced my concern about it and NF looked confused then almost disappointed?
I asked her if she was alright and with a sigh she said she was fine but gathered her things and soon departed. A waitress stopped nearby and asked me if everything was alright but I could only shrug as I quickly paid for our bill then made my way outside and made my way to my car, taking out my phone to try and call my brother before driving home.
Turned out that, that would be unnecessary. As my phone lit up and I answered, I asked my brother where he went to, was he alright? What about everyone else? He explained everyone was fine but was soon cut off as SIL forced her way onto the phone and began yelling at me for embarrassing NF. I had to scramble to get into my car as SIL’s voice increased in volume.
SIL = you know who she is by now. B = my brother. Me: self explanatory.
SIL: I can’t believe you made NF leave, what did you do? Me: what are you on about? She left on her own, something upset her? SIL: no, YOU upset her! B muffled in the background: You need to tell him what you did- SIL: B, not now. OP, what did you that made her leave? Me: I told you, I didn’t make her do anything. You were all gone for so long that I was worried where you were and I told her as much. SIL: did you just sit there then? OP, you ruined her evening! Me: no, the rest of you ruined the dinner by walking away without saying anything! ‘Be right back’ or excusing yourself for a minute isn’t the same as…you all left the restaurant. You left NF by herself. B, raising his voice in the background: tell him or I will! SIL mumbled something then got back on the phone. SIL: that was supposed to be a dinner date, I didn’t abandon NF. We left to let you have some 1 on 1 time and have a nice dinner! It’s hard enough to find someone when you have a child and you never try looking! But with that scar and your tattoos now you don’t just look unapproachable. You look scary! NF wanted to get to know you despite of that. Me: what do you mean date? I never met the poor girl before tonight. And you threw her under the bus in there!

B: OP calm down, what’s done is done.
*By now my voice is considerably louder and I was almost yelling. Not my best moment.
Me: What made SIL thing this ridiculous thing was a good idea? Why did the rest of you, especially you, go along with it? B: We get it, but stop shouting at her! We should’ve asked, I get it!
A soft sound in the background stopped me from replying. I tried to strain my hearing to listen but B abruptly ended the call.
B: Nice OP, you made her cry.
I had to sit for awhile just doing breathing exercises before I was calm enough to get onto the road and drive home. I tried to call B the next day to apologize to them but he won’t answer my calls for now and I’m getting a very icy from some of the friend group. So I’m unable to contact NF to apologize either.
I’ll admit, I could have handled this a lot better, I shouldn’t have shouted but I let my frustration and anger get the best of me.
Judgement of my actions is about half and half between my family and friends. Dad and Mom are 50/50. I feel like I know what the result will be in asking but considering the secretive and dishonest way that little plan went? I don’t know for sure.
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2021.11.29 19:17 thinkmad8 New Comedy Short - I'm Gonna Change

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2021.11.29 19:17 DizzyDouble2521 AITAH for ghosting a long term friend?

I (21F) ghosted a friend (M in his 20s) i have known since i was in high school.
A little background: Him and i became closer friends about 5 years ago. i have known him for longer but we only started talking my junior year of high school. We were semi- romantically involved by my senior year. We never put a label on it because he was headed into the military and was already engaged (They are both polyamorous and we all knew about each other.) I was told from the beginning that once we both graduated our romantic involvement had to end. He told me that in the military he could get into trouble for moral things like that. His now wife and i had met each other a few times and texted often in the time before we graduated. We all stopped talking as much after graduation because i was under the impression that he could get into trouble for talking to me.
About a year ago he reached out to me and told me that he was coming home for a little bit and he wanted to meet up with me. We met up and spent a day together catching up. in the time we hadn't been talking he had gotten married and had a child.
Him and i started talking again after that (semi-romantically). We would text night and day. his wife and i would get together and joke with him on video calls. It got to the point that all three of us were in a group chat and were talking constantly. One day i get a message from his wife saying that he had been deployed and that she wasn't allowed to tell me until he was already gone. She tried her best to keep me updated and make me feel included considering the circumstances.
He was gone for a few months before we could talk again. In that time i had done some thinking and decided it would be best if we didn't consider ourselves more that friends. i can be a pretty clingy person and we lived a few states away from each other. I don't have the money to travel and visit them so it was a really bad on my mental health. After i told him this we had agreed to be friends.
he would say things like "I love you." and "I regret leaving (home state) and wish i could be with you". even after we had agreed to be just friends. He visits again, and this time. he tries as hard has he can to get me to sleep with him. Whispering in my ears. trying to make a move during a movie. at some point we did end up kissing, but then he started touching me and out of nowhere he choked me.
Don't get me wrong i definitely could have been into that if we had discussed it beforehand. but because i was unprepared and didnt expect it. i started to panic (i was sexually abused when i was younger and sometimes i have flashbacks and panic attacks). I tell him that the situation made me uncomfortable. and that i dont think that i want any sort of sexual relationship right now. as it is pretty easy to trigger me and if im going to work on being comfortable with sex i need it to be with someone i am with often and that can be patient enough to make me feel comfortable. i am spilling my guts to this man and his response is, "it's okay if you cry, i will hold you through it".
I was really hoping that that was a one time bad comment and that he would understand. but once he leaves he doesn't message me for a few months until he is coming home again and wants to see me. We again meet up and he spends the entire time trying to get me to sleep with him. of course it doesn't work and he disappears for a few months until a few weeks ago. He again messages me out of no where and wants to meet up. I told him that i don't think its a good idea we talk anymore and removed him on everything. I didnt tell him why.
I have a few people telling me im overreacting. but i honestly feel like he only wants me for sex. I also dont like the fact that he was comfortable continuing to push for it even after i said i didnt want to. Im starting to feel like he at least deserved to know why i wont talk to him anymore. Am i the asshole?
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2021.11.29 19:17 Over-Box7966 How has your experience been in pathology residency in NYC?

Anyone who is currently doing a pathology residency in NYC, how is it? Lifestyle, workload, compensation, work satisfaction etc, anything you can tell me. I'm particularly interested in anatomic pathology and was wondering if going to NYC was a good idea
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2021.11.29 19:17 Hibiscusflwer Dealing with stronger symptoms

Don’t have a lot of people in my life at the moment. Do I — reach out to people who have been flakey and inconsistent friends in the past, or stay alone suffering?
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2021.11.29 19:17 DistributionCool7782 [Hiring] online ads posting job

Need a competent ads marketing poster for an online ads work , it's part time job weekly salary
Payment: Weekly: $300
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2021.11.29 19:17 NoonecaresNaM Toxic korean in civilization 6 team game

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2021.11.29 19:17 Clollin Hopefully not a shill ~ Certainly atypical ~ What do people think?

Found this guy due to his article about my former employer. I then read his unusual article on the current happenings in China (~Happenings which Winston and Matt had discussed in recent months~):
He sounds a bit like a shill, but I'm pretty sure he's not. I'm hoping he's taking an unconventional, market-based look at the potential outcomes of what's happening in China.
--> What do people think? =/
I was nervous posting this here due to his article's shill-like title. =/
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2021.11.29 19:17 Fictive29 How is it that there are hardly any negative comments on Christine’s IG page? Or does she have someone going and deleting all those comments? 🤔

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2021.11.29 19:17 Specific-Composer300 Assuming this is not your first time meeting, is it always a red flag or deal breaker if the man does not pick you up for the first date?

Assuming you have met him before IRL and he's not someone you matched with on OLD (ie there are not big safety concerns), is it always a red flag or unacceptable if a man is able to pick you up for the date but does not offer?
Recently a man (we have been acqunatices for 2.5 years) told me the location of the date (on the same day as the date!he claimed it was a "suprise") and I asked him, "Are you picking me up or are we meeting there?" He replied, "I'm going to go new-school and say I'll meet you there."
I was considering just cancelling altogether since he had already postponed the date by a day and was not working that day so I didn't see why he couldn't have time to fetch me, the only thing was I was unsure if he had a car or would be taking an Uber since he is moving back here from another city and doesn't have his car with him yet. However it turns out he drove his parents car so as far as I can tell the only reason he didn't pick me up was laziness. How would you ladies have handled the situation? Do you cancel? Do you tell him he must pick you up? If he does not offer I usually prefer to ask in order to test him.
There is also more context to this date story and why he postponed it but it's not very relevant to whether or not he fetched me. He made a nice beach picnic and gave me a bunch of roses but I still can't look past him not picking me up, especially since it was a bit of a drive and I was tired after work and he hadn't worked that day.
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2021.11.29 19:17 LlamaRzr [Fate] [Arturia Saber] Królowa i codzienne ubranie (。◕‿‿◕。)

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2021.11.29 19:17 Xdonjuliox Looking for a simple trade squirtle

Good afternoon everyone hope all goes well.
I just caved and bought shining pearl and I am hoping if anyone is willing to trade me a squirtle . I want to start my game with my fave turtle Pokemon duo (Squirtle and turtwig)
Let me know of willing to help me out I'd greatly appreciate it thanks in advance
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2021.11.29 19:17 InevitablePurpose406 I’m 4 weeks away from taking my step 1 exam.

I am 4 weeks away from taking my step 1 exam, I am really struggling with so many things to memorize. Some good samaritan who can share high yield content with me? Everyone who is close to taking the exam would greatly appreciate it.
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2021.11.29 19:17 goldendogefinance 🎁 Golden Vault gives you BNB daily reward! 🎁

🎁 Golden Vault gives you BNB daily reward! 🎁 🎁 Golden Vault gives you BNB daily reward! 🎁
From our community :
"Holder since Day 2. Thank you Golden Doge!
FYI: You earn BNB Rewards Daily Via the Golden Vault. Your Reward depends on the amount of Golden Doge you hold. If it's too small, gas fee is probably bigger(in BNB and GDOGE has no control over it), and in this case, you need to increase your holdings - still very cheap at the moment. "
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2021.11.29 19:17 DreamWasArtic I drew Melanie inspired by the music Milk and Cookie :D It was for one of my friend birthday

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