Double ear lobe piercing?

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2021.10.21 23:55 Rourensu Double ear lobe piercing?

My earlobes are already pierced. I was thinking about getting them pierced again but a little higher (circle area). I’m unsure about the size and placement.
If I keep my current piercing, I was thinking the new one would be the same type but just smaller. Like regulastarting stud size. Or, instead of having a big and small one, both of them could be the same medium size.
I think I would have to decide ahead of time for proper piercing placement.
Which would you recommend? One big and one small, or both medium?
FYI my ears aren’t actually stretched.
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2021.10.21 23:55 Fantastic-March-4610 How do you guys think this show handles race?

I'm gonna be frank. This show's race dialogue is BAD:

  1. Sam relates Mckay's storyline to race, then makes his entire character about a crying white girl.
  2. The straight-up inaccurate race dialogue Sam relays through Ali that he thinks are facts because he passed them through a Black Muslim.
  3. The lack of diversity in the cast in general. There's Rue (Black-adjacent), Mckay, and MAYBE Maddy. There also might be Kat, played by the white-passing racist Barbie Ferreira so I give zero fucks about her.
How do you guys feel about Sam's race dialogue/ the show's diversity?
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2021.10.21 23:55 titos78 Working Women Still Suffering “Death by 1,000 Cuts”

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2021.10.21 23:55 DerivedM Rengar is fucking shit

Fucking garbage champion, all his damage is fucking flat, no true damage, his W in terms of damage is fucking trash, I'm tired of this garbage, when is going to receive changes, like 1 years of playing this garbage
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2021.10.21 23:55 R-Oak Searching for a Roguelite slow pace

I have over 700hr in slay the spire, 300 in monster train and have finished into the breach and I'm looking for a next game to get into. I'm searching for a Roguelite that is slow paced, i do not enjoy the (binding of Isaac, hades, ...)
Games I quite enjoy but didn't really gripped me was : FTL and darkest dungeon, (darkest dungeon isn't a Roguelite but it still fits the bill in the slow pace strategic genre)
I did quite a bit of research and have found :

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2021.10.21 23:55 KindleCollie It would be a miracle, but…

I know I shouldn’t even bother with hoping for stuff to happen. Especially since Voice said that the next day would be fun and relaxing. I also know that the developers said things are written in advance. BUT, I’m hoping with all the feedback, they are actually listening and will fix this stuff before next week.
But yeah, I’m not expecting anything at this point, but this is how I would fix it.
If you slept outside - your LI finds you sleeping outside and isn’t happy that you had to do that.
In the morning - voice comes on intercom and says that after viewing the feeds, that Arturo is kicked off. He will explain some reasons why, and mc as well if she wishes. Then the people will say how they feel about him doing that stuff to mc and abusing her. He leaves being mad.
Then the rest of the day is spent relaxing and being happy with your LI and getting closer.
This would make me feel like justice has been done after this season. Give mc some friends and people she can rely on to stick up for her, along with her LI.
Remember everyone, no means no.
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2021.10.21 23:55 Aljanah Will the morgue let me visit my deceased relative so we can use his thumbprint to unlock his phone?

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2021.10.21 23:55 MaestroRochi69 Ese es un señor culo.

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2021.10.21 23:55 SpeakerIntelligent49 FOR THE LAST TIME DON'T @ ME

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2021.10.21 23:55 CFXJ Seulgi

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2021.10.21 23:55 Ancient-Nectarine150 🌅 #GodMorningFriday फिल्में भूलकर भी ना देखें। फिल्मों में नकली कहानियाँ, अदाऐं दिखाई जाती हैं, जिनको देखकर बच्चे बेशर्म होने लगते हैं। “अधिक जानकारी के लिए Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube Channel पर Visit करें।”

🌅 #GodMorningFriday फिल्में भूलकर भी ना देखें। फिल्मों में नकली कहानियाँ, अदाऐं दिखाई जाती हैं, जिनको देखकर बच्चे बेशर्म होने लगते हैं। “अधिक जानकारी के लिए Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube Channel पर Visit करें।” submitted by Ancient-Nectarine150 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 23:55 kjjphotos Monarch in New Mexico back in August

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2021.10.21 23:55 forbiddenera Aggregation Laggregation Problems

So we got a USW-AGG and a USW-16-XG today.
Trying to use LACP/LAG on the up links to it.
The link between the two buildings, so between the USW-AGG and the USW-16-XG is setup for aggregation and uses two LRM SFP+'s and links up at 20g fine.
The twinax/DAC links, don't seem to want to aggregate or work. I noticed the app/webapp kept changing from Auto-neg to manual back and forth but I tried both auto-neg and fixed 10gb/fdx on *both* ends with aggs configured on both ends.
Is there any issue with LAGs on twinax/DAC? I'm not LAGing across fibre/copper - and I have other LAGs that use plain cat6 8p8c/rj45 + one SFP that work just fine (6 ports copper + 1 sfp links office poe1 and 2 upto office at the moment).
I kept getting a situation where one switch (ie, the 48p) would show a white light indicating a 10gb link but the agg switch didn't show any light as if it wasn't linking. If I turned the lag off on the agg, it would connect most times but sometimes it didn't even.
I even tried switching for an rj45 sfp+ and it didn't want to link either.
To me it seems that perhaps the port autoneg/speed settings aren't saving properly or something..? The ports that are LAG'd right now over fibre at 20gbps are set to auto-neg on both sides according to the control panel.
Layout that I'm going for:
UDMP -> (Twinax SFP+) -> USW-16-XG
USW-16-XG -> (2*Twinax SFP+) -> "Server Room" 48-port
USW-16-XG -> (2*LRM SFP+) -> "Office Agg" (USW-AGG)
"Office Agg" -> (2*Twinax SFP+) -> "Office PoE-0" (24P Pro PoE)
"Office Agg" -> (2*Twinax SFP+) -> "Office Main" (48-port)
"Office Agg" -> (2*Twinax SFP) -> "Office PoE-1" (16P PoE)
"Office Agg" -> (2*Twinax SFP) -> "Office PoE-2" (16P PoE)
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2021.10.21 23:55 iejaculatetornadoes My Elsa tattoo I recently got done :)

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2021.10.21 23:55 RegExrBot Funko Pop! Disney: Monsters Inc 20th - Sulley + Lid Amazon Exclusive (Flocked) now available at Amazon

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2021.10.21 23:55 olivepurrs I guess you have huge lips.

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2021.10.21 23:55 ohflyer87 [WTS] Warcomp CTN + MBUS Pro Rear (OH)

*What you came to see*
MBUS Pro Rear: $70
Surefire Warcomp CTN: $120
All prices include shipping. Prefer Venmo, but can take PayPal FF. Only users over 20 flair may use PayPal GS, but must add fee found here. ABSOLUTELY NO NOTES (ask if you don't understand) on PayPal, use emoji for Venmo. Dibs > PM. Feel free to PM me with any questions and thanks for viewing!
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2021.10.21 23:55 OohEehOohAhhAhh23 Question about admission chances

I was a stupid freshman and sophomore.
Freshman year, I earned a 2.5 weighted GPA, and my sophomore, a 3.33 weighted. Obviously, these are not seriously impressive.
However, last year, I earned a 4.25 weighted, took an AP class, and scored a 4/5 on the test. Got an A in my second semester in the AP, and did well in every other subject. Mostly As.
This year, I’m taking two AP classes and have As in both. I plan on keeping this up.
Overall, I should end around a 3.5 or something along those lines, maybe higher. However, my younger self will have a big impact on the competitiveness of my application.
Will I still be competitive enough for colleges with 40-60% acceptance rates?
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2021.10.21 23:55 sbaby10456 How long would it take you to cum ? 😋

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2021.10.21 23:55 Practical-State3449 I have 36 ocean eggs taking offers for 9 or less at a time

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2021.10.21 23:55 SpaceLaunchSchedule Coverage Set for NASA’s SpaceX Crew-3 Briefings, Events, Broadcasts

NASA will provide coverage of the upcoming prelaunch and launch activities for the agency’s SpaceX Crew-3 mission with astronauts to the International Space Station
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2021.10.21 23:55 I_liketrainsCj TIL Heals can crit (sorry if this is already known).

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2021.10.21 23:55 SpacyOrphan How To Regain Access?

So, a new account of mine was locked for "bot behaviour" and it asked me to link a phone number. But, apparently, it's already linked (I can't find the account it's linked to so who knows) but how do I get back in (how long does it last)?
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2021.10.21 23:55 SP3NTt Go outside ffs. Kills are 8 hours apart

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2021.10.21 23:55 GameContests KeyWe (PS4/5) Giveaway 🎮📦 {WW} 10/22/2021 - Super-fun co-op game!

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