I'm new to the game. Is this a wraith power?

2021.10.22 01:12 polidorobio I'm new to the game. Is this a wraith power?

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2021.10.22 01:12 infe5tedneptune Timeline explanation please

After doing abit of research I found that the fall of minas ithil by the nazgul happened TA2002 and the end of the war of the ring was TA3019. So can someone explain to me how shadow of mordowar is set in the 60 year gap between the events of the hobbit and LOTR?
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2021.10.22 01:12 esotericnubda1311 hehe very funi

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2021.10.22 01:12 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Paige Lorenze

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2021.10.22 01:12 theMSMinkling lobby

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2021.10.22 01:12 yfflores Linkin Park studio albums ranked (worst to best)

  1. One More Light
  2. Living Things
  3. The Hunting Party
  4. Minutes To Midnight
  5. A Thousand Suns
  6. Meteora
  7. Hybrid Theory
What's your ranking? 1-2 are interchangable to me because both are god tier albums.
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2021.10.22 01:12 NovaMinis Frogfolk Chief!

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2021.10.22 01:12 judge-b Living Dex

What’re some tips for someon trying to obtain a living dex? I have 1 game from each generation (Y, G, FR, S, D, SS, W, B2, X, AS, S, US, Sw, LGE). Do I need to go all the way back to gen 1? Or would it be easiest to start at maybe soul silver and work my way up? I have 2 3DS’s and 1 switch so I can at least trade between DS/3DS games. Thanks!
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2021.10.22 01:12 Cyberpunkpetitioner Listen it’s our fault we got overhyped on nothing

Let’s not make drama out of this it’s coz of us
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2021.10.22 01:12 droppingbasses First time I’ve busted the A string!

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2021.10.22 01:12 throwawayyyyy456789 Heater and heating plan advice needed

I rent a place with 2 other people in a relatively old house (built in the 70s). I've read that heat not being evenly distributed might be an issue with older houses. We have central heating and the thermostat is set around 23C during the day and 20C throughout the night when we're sleeping. Anything over 23C is too hot for my roommate but it's still fairly cold to me. I'm not used to the cold because I grew up in a tropical country and I usually wear socks and hoodies in the house but my hands are freezing. I'm thinking of getting a space heater for my fairly small room. Would a space heater increase the electricity bill by a lot (we pay our own bills) or is there any other way to better insulate my room? Any advice would be appreciated because I'm living on my own for the first time.
Semi-related question but for the upcoming winter should I use fixed or floating gas plan? We're using floating plan with Direct Energy at 3.99/GJ and I've heard people saying I should switch to fixed plan because natural gas price is going up.
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2021.10.22 01:12 Cupofdeargodno2 Well there goes my luck for the rest of this year haha...

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2021.10.22 01:12 niuz-bot VIDEO Camera Reprezentanților a votat rezoluția pentru inculparea lui Steve Bannon, fost consilier al lui Donald Trump - [Anchete]

Aleşii americani s-au pronunţat joi în favoarea demarării punerii sub acuzare pentru obstrucţionarea activităţii Congresului împotriva lui Steve Bannon, un apropiat al fostului preşedinte Donald… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/video-camera-reprezentantilor-a-votat-rezolutia-pentru-inculparea-lui-steve-bannon-fost-consilier-al-lui-donald-trump.html
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2021.10.22 01:12 RedChair2700 pumpkin

pumpkin this doesn't have anything to do with 2set but I drew a pumpkin and I'm proud of it
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2021.10.22 01:12 banausic Would you scrape it off and go for the center?

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2021.10.22 01:12 weekendcoastdad [homemade] vegetables and chicken baked.

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2021.10.22 01:12 nick11221 Anyone else use reasonable routes to convince others of veganism?

I almost never confront people. I’ve made jokes, like meat is murder, and people do know I‘m a tad serious, but not in a truly judgemental way. That’s real world. Online I had been a bit more judgemental and forward, but convincing anyone online of veganism is very, very rare. So it’s more to spread facts and awareness.
It took me 30 years to go vegan. So I realize these things don’t happen overnight, nor do I hold some moral high ground.
I understand sometimes it takes a watershed moment. I try and find ways to get people to eat less meat over the long term. Never in a confrontational way. That’s why you have all these “mmmbacon” replies, because people do not want strangers telling them to do things. And diet is very personal. People will eat themselves into diabetes, obesity, and so on, and think everything is ok.
People also see someone like me, who has gotten way healthier since being vegan, and even though you can be healthy eating meat, they get curious and want to try something different. So I try in do it in the most off-hand way possible. I also keep up on current science, the benefits of veganism, and overall nutritional science. And people take note when you clearly eat in a certain way and seem way more outgoing, more present, more measured, more creative, and so on. You seem like a very heightened version of yourself. And you essentially can slowly convince people just by showing that taste, meat, great tasting meals (that are full of bad fats and so on), are not necessity, they’re indulgence. And they see it in your actions, personality, and outcomes. People very much do borrow and take from each other when they’re open-minded and seek more novelty.
I do think sometimes the only way to convince people is to show them that the best version of yourself can happen without meat. And if you don’t mention the negatives of meat too often, people know your restrictions and see your habits, they see you change for the better, they get interested in the concept.
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2021.10.22 01:12 Chianman I’m not sure how bad the customer service. Night time, no solar, but there is negative wattage. I didn’t change the clamp at all.

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2021.10.22 01:12 GroovyAntagonist They're starting to form an army.

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2021.10.22 01:12 Pfroggy1 House Guest Bosses?

Alright, I just am curious. I know with the monstrodome it is now possible to summon mobs to fight in your castle, and even bosses. I just want to know, who have you guys summoned to battle in your castle and has anyone thought of/been able to summon a final arc boss like Morganthe or Malistaire
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2021.10.22 01:12 EsotericEggs Decided to try something different than the usual death guard green.

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2021.10.22 01:12 Afraid-Shallot370 .

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2021.10.22 01:12 Top_Dealer6633 Trinity's ready for bed

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2021.10.22 01:12 Lil-witchy Is being a SAHP right for me?

Hey good people!
After 3 years of infertility I am currently pregnant with twins! Could not be more excited. I have really been putting off deciding if I’m going to go back to work after I have the babies or not. I am a teacher and the babies would be less than 3 months old when I went back to work. This feels so young to me 😢. I am considering taking just a year off and then seeing how I feel after that? Here is the most important info regarding us and our situation: 1. I love my job. 2. My husband makes enough to support us all, but it would still be a big financial hit. I am still paying off my student loans. 3. I am afraid I wouldn’t be a good housekeeper, because right now I am terrible. Cleaning is one of my greatest weaknesses and it scares me to think this would become one of my main responsibilities. 4. I hate the idea of leaving my kids at a daycare when they are so little! 5. I would love to have all that quality time with my babies. 6. Childcare is SO expensive, it would essentially be half of my yearly salary to pay it.
I’m curious to hear what you considered if you also chose to leave your job to become a SAHP. How did you make that choice for your family? How do I know if I can succeed as a SAHP?
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2021.10.22 01:12 bozofromearth What is your best "F*ck, that should have been me", moment?

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