can i sing?

2021.10.22 01:28 dyldyldyl14 can i sing?

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2021.10.22 01:28 MFAtheBFDIFan Halloween BFDI [Ruby (22/31)] and Autumn BFDI [Liy (29/66)]

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2021.10.22 01:28 SeaKingNeptune A fly flew in into my drink I don’t know how long it’s been in there but I drank out of my drink should I be worried?

Serious answer please I’m a bit scared. Nobody in the house is sick for all I know that fly could be feasting on tissue and flew into my house.
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2021.10.22 01:28 taurmanix Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine

I'm thinking to get vaccinated. Does anybody know if we have Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine available anywhere in Saskatoon?
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2021.10.22 01:28 Rule_965517846 90 Day Challenge - Week 4!

Can you believe we're in the fourth week already?!
Halloween is coming up and the abundance of sugar is beckoning us all.
What do you do to curb those candy cravings? I've stocked up on a bunch of fruit that will be ripe enough to eat by next week.
Sending everyone lots of love and strength to be our best selves ❤️
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2021.10.22 01:28 deliriumnoel Industry friends: what do you do, and how did you get there?

I think its safe to say plenty of us work in the industry, I'd love to hear what you do, and your story of how you got into the position!
I'll start. I worked at a shitty little liquor store which exposed me to craft beer. Got bored there and wanted a "fun" job so applied at a tasting room in a winery. Had fun there for a few months and fell in love at the scenery. Had to quit due to unforeseen circumstances and jumped around at a few liquor stores before I landed at one company that was super wine focused. They paid for my wset 1, 2, and 3 - now I sell premium wine for them. Have my own little room and all that.
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2021.10.22 01:28 Professional_Tap_941 H:Legacies, Fixers, Handmades, Unyielding/Vanguard Armor W:Wishlist Items (I Will Bundle)

AA50c25, AA25ffr25 Fixers
B50c25 Fixer
Q25ffr25, QE25 Fixers
TSE25 Fixer
V25ffr25, VE25 Fixers
AA50c25, AAE25 Handmades
B50c25 Handmade
Q25ffr25 Handmade
TS25ffr25 Handmade
VE25 Handmade
Max Lvl Yellow and Indigo Baseball Bats
Ultracite PA Jetpack LL and RL Unrolled
Uny/AP/Cav Wood Chest
Uny/AP/Sent Wood Pieces
Uny/+1S/WWR Wood LA, LL, RL, CP
Uny/+1S/AidWR Wood Pieces
Uny/+1S/AmmoWR Wood LA, LL, RL, CP
Uny/+1S/JWR Wood Pieces
What I Have:
+400 Range Lvl 35 TSE Dragon
Sole Survior
Max Lvl 2 Star ASE, BerE, ExeE, FE, IE, MuE, StE, TrE, ZE Harpoons
BAP15c Fixer
BerE25 Fixer
ExeAP15fr Fixer
Exe50vhc25 Fixer
Gour50c15fr Fixer
JAP15c Fixer
J50c15fr Fixer
MedAP25 Fixer
TSE15c Fixer
TS50c15fr Fixer
GourAP15fr Handmade
J50c15fr Handmade
QAPBreaksSlower Handmade
V50c15fr Handmade
Unyielding Armor:
Uny/+1S/Sent Wood LA
Uny/+1P/Sent Heavy Combat CP
Uny/+25Rad/WWR Sturdy Metal CP
Uny/+1L/Sent Sturdy Metal RL
Uny/+1A/Cav Sturdy Combat RL
Vanguard Armor:
Van/AP/JWR Light Leather RL
Van/AP/Cav Wood LA
Van/+1A/Sent Sturdy Raider RA
Van/+1Intelligence/Sent Sturdy Metal LA
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2021.10.22 01:28 m88ulv ⚠️ Avoid these scammers in Paris! ⚠️ #scam #scammer #scams #paris #scammers

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2021.10.22 01:28 Gothic_Jay Are toys like this safe for pomeranians

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2021.10.22 01:28 theunkemptreceptor Is she pointing out something?

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2021.10.22 01:28 howtotailslide Damn Noctua is really branching out with these new designs

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2021.10.22 01:28 Dhatgirl Architects Homes aren't worth it anymore.

EA is really killing the essence of these Architect homes. They aren't worth it anymore. The devs pull out half the furniture off these houses leaving bare and substandard stuff left. Rooms are empty and even floors are pulled out. They just aren't worth it anymore, especially for the hand and leg prices.
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2021.10.22 01:28 pineapple_191 I need help

Any prayers or any help to stop crying over a boy? My heart feels heartbroken and I can’t stop crying I want this to stop but can’t
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2021.10.22 01:28 icyanplays This was my doggo last year on Christmas after he got his presents 🥰

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2021.10.22 01:28 jesscorsetta Do Latin men have serious relationships with white women?

I’m really into this Colombian guy and I’m an French white woman. I’m just wondering what the consensus is for this particular interracial pairing
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2021.10.22 01:28 TKOUWU who is the best legendary?

View Poll
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2021.10.22 01:28 DeepSixWrestlin 225. Ryan & Angelo’s IMPACT Power Hour: Bound For Glory Go-Home + Preview and Predictions!

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2021.10.22 01:28 Reasonable_Show_6509 Pooja is a slayer. She slays with her looks.[ Ultra HD ]

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2021.10.22 01:28 Arap_Koros Fast and flexible researcher and 'academic writer ready to help you with Essays, Journal and Book Reviews, Discussion Boards (DB), Clinical Reflections, Case Studies, and Dissertations this fall semester. WhatsApp +1 515 516 7971, Discord: Grade_Miner#4737 Email:

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SKILLS: Academic and article writing, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Editing, proofreading, research, and formatting
· Email: [](
· Discord: Grade_Miner #4737
· Telegram: Grade_Miner
· Website:
· Email: [](
· APA:
· MLA:
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2021.10.22 01:28 AmericanBornWuhaner Making spinach noodles

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2021.10.22 01:28 Turbostrider27 Came in the mail today!

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2021.10.22 01:28 OliverMarkusMalloy Trump's New Free Speech App Prohibits Users From Making Fun of It

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2021.10.22 01:28 tiny_doughnut Breaking down the Matildas squad: Defenders galore, strapped in midfield

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2021.10.22 01:28 Loboquatel If you could revive one extinct animal species from the dead, which would you choose and why?

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2021.10.22 01:28 Cutie-Zenitsa I traumatized my (14m) best friend (15f) and i dont know how to appoligize

(Sorry 4 the bad formating, im on mobile)
So, let me explain what i did.
So, when i was younger i struggled a lot with depression and anxiety, i still do just not as bad. I felt this extremely hard in late 2020-early 2021, as most people did. It was very hard to find a therapist. So, around the middle of 2020 i start talking to my friend, lets call her Amber. Amber also was struggling with the same stuff as i was, so like any rational person would do, i decided to talk with her about it.
The thing is though, she never knew how to handle anything i talked to her about. But instead of realizing soon on, i kept talking to her, and as school and corona ramped up i started getting more and more stressed, so i kept talking to her.
The thing is though, because i was not in a good mental state at the time, i wouldnt listen to her. So it wasnt like i was getting advice and trying to listen, it was like i was trying to win an argument.
So, i started threating her to help me, first i started by telling her i would slit my wrists, then i told her i was gonna start burning myself, it got so bad that i started to threaten to kill myself and constanly tell her that she couldnt help me. I genuinely dont know what caused me to thing this way, i wanted to get help, i really did, but my brain told me to hurt her and do things i didnt want to do.
I found out about 6 months ago that i didnt like talking about my depression with people, and just ignoring it was a better coping mechanism to me than actually talking to anyone. So every single FUCKING TIME i tried to het help from her, it just made me worse. So, im already stressed out about this, but knowing that talking to anyone hurts them, so i just sweapt it under the rug over summer break.
Cut to about a month ago, and Amber tells me that i traumatized her, by doing all of the things i said. I was devistated to say the least. I FUCKING TRAUMATIZED MY OWN BEST FRIEND. She does forgive me of course, but she is still scared that ill do it again, maybe not with her, but just with anyone.
Cut to now, I really want to make it up to her, but i genuinely don't know how. I understand what i did was fucking horrible. I understand i should have handled it better. I understand all of it, I just want to make it up to her. I want to appoligize. I want to make her feel safe but i dont know how. Every time i try to appoligize i feel like it isnt good enough, like it wont make her feel safe. Even texting her doesnt work. I told her we would sit down alone at lunch tommorow, she doesnt know why yet though.
Is this a good way of telling her, or should i just never tell her. I dont know what to do. You're allowed to tell me how much of an asshole i am, i know that already, i just want to know how to, or even if i should, fix this.
Need responses ASAP.
(btw she doesnt like physical effection, or even saying 'I love you' so dont include that. And also make sure it doesnt make her want to kill me, that would be auful.)
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