2021.10.22 00:26 Biancar_129 meirl

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2021.10.22 00:26 Aggravating_West_496 When is the Reformation firing now normally?

Hi! Ricky here. I remember that in the past the Reformation used to fire quite early, perhaps in the 1480s sometimes, thus making the Age of Discovery very short. Then with Emperor DLC some people managed to cheese out some mechanics, and delay the Reformation for many many decades. I'd like to know, in your experience, what is the current situation in the game. Is an early Reformation an usual occurrence still? Is a Catholic player (or even AI!) still able to delay it indefinitely? Thank you in advance for your kind answers.
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2021.10.22 00:26 MexWevC Respuesta a al presdiente de México por parte de la OMS. No se lo mandaron a decir, se lo dijeron de frente y en el foro público de salud más importante del mundo. Ouch

Respuesta a al presdiente de México por parte de la OMS. No se lo mandaron a decir, se lo dijeron de frente y en el foro público de salud más importante del mundo. Ouch submitted by MexWevC to covidmx [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 00:26 Brilliant-Airport777 BarBurrito Employee

Omg he’s so cute and has such a nice voice can someone braver than me let him know. He deserves to know
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2021.10.22 00:26 Ninttheblockhead Make the comments look like this guy's search history

Make the comments look like this guy's search history
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2021.10.22 00:26 MalikKillzIt Masha Allah Brozzer Floppa

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2021.10.22 00:26 25_Oranges Having trouble with Wonderful Whims.

Hi, I recently updated all my mods and wonderful whims is telling me I am out of date. Specifically that I'm at ver 24 instead of 25...except Ive downloaded 25 twice now. Its also giving me a last exception with MCCC. What can I do to fix this? anybody else getting a last exception error in MCCC when they try to choose their favorite drink?
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2021.10.22 00:26 cryptobali22 Jadeite.

Jadeite Tokens use cutting edge technology to achieve their goals and create a full-fledged next-generation universal platform with a decentralized blockchain. #jdt #crypto #bnb #jadeite
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2021.10.22 00:26 bluebetaoddeye 211022 loonatheworld - Olivia Hye update

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2021.10.22 00:26 TradrDrew Shoutout to my favorite Raider…The Sidearm Specialist

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2021.10.22 00:26 beatboy1975 New York Dolls - Subway Train

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2021.10.22 00:26 Tangy94 Proving/Rising issues.

My white bread loaves have proved for 1 hour (the second time after the first 2 hour rise) and they have not risen enough at all. Should I let them rise longer?
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2021.10.22 00:26 JerkChicken456 [US-NY][H] Norbaforce MKIII PC (GCFE) & Realforce 87u 10th AE Bundle, MD Holy Pandas lubed, Bird Electron Realforce R2 Keyboard Roof, Lemo and Yarbo Cables, Alps Sample Pack, GMK Modern Dolch Light Bundles, GMK Dracula Bundle [W] Paypal

Item Timestamp Description Prices- All Shipped Available?
Norbaforce x 87u 10th AE Bundle Timestamp - Norbaforce Bundle See Below $800 yes
Realforce R2 Keyboard Roof Timestamp Used - Good Condition, Used a proxy to purchase this direct from PFU Limted in Japan $45 yes
MD Holy Pandas Timestamp 90x switches. lubed with 205g0, purchased from another user, never used $130 yes
Lemo Cable - 6ft length in Grey Doubesleeve w/ Clear Techflex Timestamp Comes with 2x 6in coiled detachable cables (USB C, USB mini). Made by Pexon PCs UK $130 yes
Yarbo Cable Timestop 55in Cable with 17in coil Mini USB $45 yes
ALPS Sample Pack Timestamp Assorted Pack of every alps switch $15 yes
GMK Modern Dolch Light Bundle Timestamp Sealed. Includes: Geo Deskmat, Aesthetic kit $275 yes
GMK Dracula Base Kit Timestamp Sealed $325 yes
GMK Dracula Nightmode Timestamp Sealed $125 yes
Will be prioritizing CON-US buyers first -- All items will be shipped within a 1-2 day handling time fully insured with tracking.
Norbaforce Photo Album
-Norbaforce MKIII PC -- with boxes and both breakout PCB's (for 87u and R2 compatibility)
-Realforce 87u 10th Anniversary Edition TKL -- with original box and extra keycaps
- Custom modding by u/ Choobies, Dome swapped to 45g, and lubed with 3203
One of my favorite builds hands down.. This was my first PC build and I wanted to do something very special. I first started with the highly sought after Realforce 87u Anniversary Edition TKL and then swapped the casing (original case, extra keycaps, and box will be included of course) for the Norbaforce Ghost of Chrismas Past Edition Polycarbonate case. I purchased both breaktout PCB's for added flexibility should you want to throw in an RF2 board in there. Leaving no stone unturned, I also had some custom work done by another community member u/ Choobies to replace the 55g domes with 45g domes (harvested from a brand new RF2) and lubed with 3203. The typing feel is just right for me, its light yet tactile and has that deep, thocky sound we all love from topre.
Please see the photo with the sharpie tip, there is the smallest scuff on the forehead of the board. just a surface scratch and can easily be buffed out. The board and internals are flawless otherwise along with the original AE case.
Happy to answer any of your questions, so please let me know!
**No international shipping (for now)**
$800 shipped CONUS
Local sale is also available if you are local to the Manhattan/ Brooklyn area.
Thanks for looking!
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2021.10.22 00:26 projectwar Scenario: SUNBREAK doesn't add Vitality jewels/LL. How harder do you think it will be compared to Iceborne?

Just a bit of a "what if" scenario for fun, since difficulty is usually brought up about Rise. In World, when iceborne was added, the thing that kept things manageable for the masses, was the fact that Vitality existed, as well as lifeleech augments. These were so powerful that most builds ended up incorporating them into their build, less they were super speedrunners. Yet still, many players were walled by various monsters. Granted most of those were added post-dlc, but still.
So, what if Sunbreak, remains like Rise, where your only hope of HP increase is the shitty birds? no vitality decos added. and what if there's no LL mechanic/ramp up skill? how harder, do you think Sunbreak will be for people compared to Iceborne? Or does all the wirebug stuff nullify that? or the fact that World had tempers which made that stuff seem more...mandatory compared to full offense (which most setups could easily do both, given the decos)? Would you seek out birds more often?
Just curious since the meta for Rise was almost purely all offensive skills, even against Apex mons, and against the final bosses, flagship elders, they gave you free spiribird maxed...
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2021.10.22 00:26 Inside-Ad8457 Help please is this a positive

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2021.10.22 00:26 Yousernametaeken Upvotes please

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2021.10.22 00:26 nevertoolate1983 Female Crewmember Dies After Prop Gun Misfire On New Mexico Set Of Alec Baldwin Film ‘Rust’

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2021.10.22 00:26 cutepony53 My mum is trying to help me lose weight, but she says things that really hurt. Its not like 'youre fat' its stuff like "you need to stop eating' and "you should go running" or "if you eat this, so this amount of exersize". It hurts because i dont accpet myslef, and her telling me that doesnt help

What do I do? Please help. I am also 15, and weigh 61kgs
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2021.10.22 00:26 Experience-Suitable DIY mini split install questions

Got me one of these mr cool mini splits. Where I want to install the indoor unit, if I follow the videos I watched on how to install the unit the ac lines would poke into my kitchen. The way it was shipped the connector side of the unit is tucked away and makes its way to the opposite side. The side that would work for my installation. Would It be ok to install the lines like this? With the connection being inside my garage behind the fan unit?
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2021.10.22 00:26 gnulynnux Hash / checksums for AM2R?

Hi all, I was wondering if there is anywhere reputable hosting hashes of the AM2R versions.
I am not looking for a download of AM2R, I am only looking to verify downloads are safe.
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2021.10.22 00:26 vegetatheking666 Spacers in Foundation (AppleTV) and Belters

Watching the new foundation series and they have “spacers” which have the long thin bodies that I imagine for belters from the books!
Even though it’s not Expanse if anyone wants to check it out it’s cool to see what a belter described by the books would probably be (aside from some weird android features). I’m assuming they got the inspiration from Expanse as I don’t remember them in the Foundation books.
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2021.10.22 00:26 KeySail557 The American Dream

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2021.10.22 00:26 ruccarucca uh, oh...

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2021.10.22 00:26 sword_fishy HANK THE TANK (play cHydra)

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2021.10.22 00:26 Hritik249 Platinum End Episode 3 English Subbed Watch For Free Online

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