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Easy Anti Cheat

2021.10.26 17:15 Ellyookayayes Easy Anti Cheat

I've seen many posts about it, and special K. I don't have special K at all, and I don't want to. I opened up Brawlhalla and it loaded it with Easy Anti Cheat. I don't exactly know what it is. Does it affect game performance? What exactly does it do?
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2021.10.26 17:15 Short-Travolta Test

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2021.10.26 17:15 SuspiciousRutabaga52 Bridges of Billy Joel....Piano Man

I was reflecting on how strong I feel Billy Joel is at crafting bridges. I define the bridge as being the 'other melody' beside the verse and the chorus. I thought I'd ask the community what they thought his strongest bridge was out of all of his songs, but there are too many and they really get better as he goes. So I decided to start with Piano Man.
I wanted to pick the strongest bridge, and here is how I finally came to my conclusion. I judged them on 2 things, the strength of the music compositionally, and the strength of the lyrics. Ideally it would be well written musically, and not too simplistic, and have its own theme. The lyrics would add to the song, give more insight into the subject matter,, and not simply restate the theme.
It turns out only 6 songs have bridges on Piano Man. Traveling Prayer, Aint No Crime, Stop in Nevada, and Captain Jack only have verses and choruses. So those are out. Here is how I rated the rest:
Piano Man- bridge is the part that goes "Lah de dah... Chords go to the relative minor of A, and moves well back to C...slightly simple, good thematically so GOOD rating. Lyrics- Not meaningful ..so POOR.
Only Had the Words- bridge goes "Life goes on and on..." Music is strong, filled with nice 7th chords and interesting changes...STRONG Lyrics are pretty weak...but if we try we can be sure" doesn't do it for me...POOR
Youre My Home- Bridge goes ' home can be the Pennsylvania turnpike Music moves, not too unpredictable....GOOD Lyrics are okay but only restate the theme of the song ...FAIR
Worse Comes to Worse...bridge goes...'lightening and thunder. Music is good, the B flat is a surprise and it wraps well into the solo. STRONG Lyrics are not good...when I am together, when I sing a song doesn't make sense to me, or move the song along...FAIR
Somewhere Along the Line...bridge goes ' well I know its just a matter of time, when the fun falls.... Music is good, the chromatic moving musically is fun, the ending of it from F to D works really well....STRONG Lyrics only restate the theme, no additionally insight into his theme....FAIR
And my clear winner....
Ballad of Billy the Kid....bridge goes ' well he never traveled heavy" Musically is strong, good movement in the theme of a western soundtrack. STRONG Lyrics totally move the story along and give deeper insight into his tale....STRONG
I think Ballad is the clear winner of best bridge on Piano Man.
Any other arguments for this album?
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2021.10.26 17:15 Difficult_Use_3962 ParadoxNFT – NFT marketplace where you can buy, sell and mint. Probit exchange coming soon.

💥☄ PARADOXNFT (PXBSC)☄💥 The Paradox NFT coins are the native currency to one of the most ambitious NFT marketplace projects to date. The coin is also 100% rug proof due to liquidity being donated to LPF. It is safer than locked liquidity. $PXBSC FEATURES DECENTRALIZED LIQUIDITY ON PADSWAP.
💰 BUY ONLY ON PADSWAP: 0xA4cFE5EA184A9a8BB2bb8377a378606A36DDEA80 https://padswap.exchange/#/swap?inputCurrency=BNB&outputCurrency=0xa4cfe5ea184a9a8bb2bb8377a378606a36ddea80
Paradox NFT is an NFT marketplace, where users will have the options to submit items for sale, purchase items, and bid on auctions. 🟢Paradox NFT Is Powered By Premium, Carbon-Free Cloud Servers - That makes Paradox NFT the first 100% sustainable marketplace to exist in the galaxy. 🔴Security - We are using a cluster of Premium Tier cloud servers in addition to the fastest and most secure Content Delivery Network (CDN). ♠️ Pre launch audit will be conducted by Spade audits. ➡️Tokenomics: Total number of coins for to be distributed amongst each network: 1 Trilion 50% of coins will be dropped in the black hole 🕳 🔥 Leaving a remaining 500 Billion $PXBSC FEATURES DECENTRALIZED LIQUIDITY ON PADSWAP Dev/Charity/Advertising - 1% 0.5% will go toward liquidity 0.5% will be burned
✔️Website: https://www.paradoxnft.com/ (Available soon)
✔️Discord: https://discord.gg/N4DrjPAfs6
✔️Telegram: https://t.me/PARADOXNFTOFFICIAL
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2021.10.26 17:15 DovahkiinApocrypha (Lore Discussion) About Arahabaki/Psynet

We already know that Arahabaki is the city computer of Suoh, where the Psynet server is hosted. However, it's unknown whether Psynet is available only for Suoh residents, or everyone in New Himuka.
During Seiran's uprising, Arahabaki was temporarily shut down, making all the visuals (shop signs, billboards, ...) disappear, which means the visuals can be controlled via Psynet. So it is possible that other regions of New Himuka also use Psynet, as we can see the similar visuals in Seiran, and abandoned areas like Kikuchiba.
However, Arahabaki is located under Suoh, and the New Himuka government has control over it. That leaves us with three questions:

  1. Why were the visuals in Seiran still functioning after the uprising? Certainly the New Himuka government would not want the rebels using their network anymore.
  2. Why visuals are still functioning in abandoned places? Why not turn them off to save power?
  3. Why the characters can always see the BIAS visuals attached to their body?
The game and anime do not explain this, but we can make some educated guesses.
  1. Rather than Arahabaki, a major city like Seiran has its own computer which serves a simlilar purpose (hosting an instance/alternative of Psynet). We already know that Togetsu has (more than) one.
  2. Visuals are just data, they do not consume power. Human can visualize the data with brain power. Meanwhile, the data are stored locally in some sort of device, so there's not need to explicitly turn them off via Psynet.
  3. The BIAS gear affects the wearer's brain directly, making the visuals appear.
Please let me know if you have other ideas about Arahabaki and Psynet ;)
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2021.10.26 17:15 Figgie123 drake certified lover boy type beat

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2021.10.26 17:15 _richdotcom McGill Ranking

Hey guys! I was wondering when do applicants usually submit a request for ranking? Also, anyone willing to share their rank as an OOP with some details to get some idea, TIA!
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2021.10.26 17:15 creationofthebigugly Microsoft smashes earnings expectations with strong cloud performance

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2021.10.26 17:15 shelfy1 $25 Free Deso no deposit sell or convert on blockchain within minutes UPDATED WORKS TWICE

Free Deso
Complete sign up with 1 form of id for kyc and in minutes youll have $25 Deso
You can then transfer deso to blockchain.com sell it or convert it to transfer to bank or another wallet if converted.
PSA. KyC Works with multiple forms of Id so once which driver license then once with passport
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2021.10.26 17:15 whytelmao Seed: amogus [Bedrock beta] (Nothing special, but maybe someone need)

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2021.10.26 17:15 jubalee33 How I Rank the Remaining Queens *spoilers*

All my opinion:
Weakest left is Vanity Milan. Episode 2 she did really poorly in the challenge and was outshined on the runway, and then I'm sorry episode 3 she was a MESS- both her look from home and her constructed look were pretty bad, and I'm a bit surprised she didn't go home then. Her Scary Spice look was also... questionable, and she really hasn't stood out to me once. I think she should be next to go.
Next I would place Scarlett Harlett. I personally would've put Charity in the top during the first episode, and had her safe. She continued to be a bit forgettable episode 2, and then I was also confused as to how she beat Krystal during the camping challenge- she did well, but Krystal was much better IMO. Episode 4 she really should've gone home- her performance was a disgrace and she looked so AWKWARD as Scary Spice. And then this previous episode- ugh. She had the worst performance in the acting challenge if you ask me.
The next few I think are all VERY neck-and-neck but I would give 5th place to River Medway. She's quickly becoming one of my favorites (if not my favorite), but her early performance was rough. That music look was horrid lol and I didn't think her Red Carpet look was all that better- she also came off pretty awkward to me in Dragoton- I was pretty shocked when she wasn't bottom 3. But then in episode 3 I thought she looked gorgeous in both of her looks and should've been in the top over Ella, and then her performance in the girl group was also very strong. She was 100% ROBBED in this last episode and should've been given a badge- she was clearly the best dressed AND the best in the commercial, she genuinely really made me laugh.
4th place I would give to Choriza May. Her looks Episode 1 were strong and I thought she was really fun in Dragoton. She really shined in the girl group episode, with a strong look and good performance, and while she also made me laugh in Draglexa, I hated her runway look. But she's done well overall and is definitely a personal favorite!
In 3rd I put Kitty Scott-Claus. I personally think she should have won in Week 2- she was hilarious in Dragoton and had one of my favorite runway looks of the week. She did very well Week 4 as well, the best in her group and cute on the runway. She's very likeable and I could see her going far if she picks it up just a bit more.
The last two I think are clearly out-performing the lot currently, and are also very neck-and-neck, however...
I would give 2nd place currently to Krystal Versace. While I actually think Charity did better than both her and Victoria week 1, she was certainly amazing and looked great. She kept it up, looking great on the runway week 2 and surprising me by being funny in Dragoton. She deserved to win Week 3 IMO, both her looks were amazing. Week 4 she had the best runway (gasp) but had a really flop girl group performance, and I actually think she deserved bottom 2 Week 5- I actually think she did the worst overall that week, her runway look was so basic and her performance was SO awkward and forgettable.
In 1st I put Ella Vaday. She really bored me in the beginning, definition of "safe", but then she SLAYED the girl group challenge. She sounded amazing and had a really strong look. She also did very well during this last challenge, with a great runway and a good job giving a solid performance despite the chaos of her team. I think edges out Krystal because she hasn't had any really FLOP moments so far- I think this is due to her having more experience than Krystal. I think she would be a solid winner- although I must say I do still kind of find her a bit dull and I hope River, Choriza, or Kitty pick it up to knock her and Krystal off the top.
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2021.10.26 17:15 palgravia Cork City FC

Big football/arsenal fan, just moved over from the UK and thinking of going along to the Cork game at Turners Cross this Friday.
What's the team like and how's the atmosphere at the ground on matchday?
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2021.10.26 17:15 Vicsilvia Would you say you're more dominant or submissive during sex, and why?

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2021.10.26 17:15 Darkkandadr PUBG Mobile Görkemli Milli Bayram Kodları

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2021.10.26 17:15 silvertomars @tavicosta

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2021.10.26 17:15 Foreign_Abrocoma_549 Do i need a PCR test to enter USA from Mexico?

Hi, I’m planning a trip to Mexico in December. Basically I’m flying from Switzerland to USA then entering Mexico, spending some days in Mexico then going back to USA to flight back to Switzerland.
From what I know, I need a PCR test before entering USA, no problem with that.
My question is: to enter USA again, do I need another PCR test?
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2021.10.26 17:15 ZCMomna Don’t do it!

Spectrum mobile has been a nightmare for 6 months and my new phone still doesn’t work.
Customer service (currently on the phone again) has been useless. In store I’m told call, on the phone I’m told go in.
They’ve lost a hundred dollar payment - just don’t know where it went. Not on mobile account. Not on internet account. Just gone.
After asking when we’d be charged (phone had to be ordered). We were told not till service was activated. Not true. The one bill for both, not true. Actually saving me money, not true. Easy to port number over, not true.
In store, “here are the instructions to get set up”, “this is the website”, this is the phone number”. Nothing worked. I kept getting, not available at this time/ try again later errors. I call, “We’re sorry you’re having trouble setting up service at home, come into the store so we can get it done”.
At the store they suggest it’s due to our internet speed. Well I use Spectrum and have the highest speed internet. (Not helping themselves with that) I get there and they assure me they’ll have it done before I leave, not true.
Hours! Hours! I’ve spent a minimum of 7 hours dealing with this and it’s still not resolved. Don’t do it!
I haven’t saved money I’ve spent more having to have my original carrier still active because Spectrum lost/ locked my phone number up in their crap system trying to port it over. Couldn’t do anything. They blamed original carrier. Original carrier did, showed me and gave proof they had done it properly for Spectrum. Still “not their fault”.
There are no notes of any of the calls or us going into the store. I was read the recap by each person on the phone. I was told by the supervisor I finally got on the phone that there wasn’t anything she could do on her end and I’d have I got in store. They told me to call. When I asked for proof of the notes being in our file I was told I’d just have to take her word that they were actually there this time. Umm what!?! So they haven’t done anything correctly so far but I’m supposed to trust they did this time?
I’m out! As soon as my phone number is safe I’m never dealing with Spectrum again.
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2021.10.26 17:15 Zealousideal-Use7073 Girls lots

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2021.10.26 17:15 Numerous-Flounder-22 Different Perspective

What I’ve learned and want to share is that I have went a month without masturbation and after I relapsed I thought it would be easy to repeat another month. But it was not and I have relapsed over and over to this day. The biggest challenge is that I’ve listened to too many people say that this goal of no self pleasure is stupid and that it is not worth it. I didn’t believe that but my brain used that as an excuse subconsciously to keep masturbating. My advice is this. Find someone on no fap and talk about progress and goals. Going through life alone is tough and I know what it’s like. But the worst thing you can do is not put yourself out there and feel sorry for yourself. And most importantly, sometimes the things in life that are worth it like this challenge seem pointless at times, but it’s those things that build the most character. One more thing, when you feel most lost, talk to God about it. That goes for anything.
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2021.10.26 17:15 geoxol Raytheon Will Lose 'Several Thousand' Workers Due to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate - CEO

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2021.10.26 17:15 suppressingfire69 First setup let me know what else I can add. This is my AR setup AK placard and stribog placard that I can switch between easily. Also I spent all my money on the dual nods so no laser yet. But a few of the optics are NVG compatible.

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2021.10.26 17:15 YTLinkerBot PS Vita/PSTV: Better Homebrew Browser Beta Installation Guide & Review! | Nagato Revenge

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2021.10.26 17:15 bluesdesigns Any build suggestions for longsword?

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2021.10.26 17:15 KnightFace3000 Survivor | Medieval Bardcore Cover | Destiny's Child

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2021.10.26 17:15 Broad-Fuel4116 Facial Action Coding System (FACS) Tutorials | Action Unit 2 (AU2)

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