Question for myself and anyone who’s reading…

2021.10.22 00:03 Userisnowhere Question for myself and anyone who’s reading…

Alt season is going to pump. When it does will we hold or sell?
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2021.10.22 00:03 mndls59 GIRATINA RN 1338 5960 5024

PLZ ADD AND ONLINE ONLY 1338 5960 5024
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2021.10.22 00:03 Felt_presence What would you recommend based on my top 5?

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2021.10.22 00:03 bbrown69 Hailee Steinfeld

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2021.10.22 00:03 Frosty_Ad2035 Ljungberg for Rashford?

So I'm thinking about buying Ljungberg for Rashford. I don't know why but Rashford just feels kinda bad for me maybe its because I don't like the dribbling with tall players but he just feels bad. So I've looked at some Left Wingers from the Premier League and I found Ljungberg. I wanted to try out an Hero from the start of the Fifa but I just couldn't find a cheap and good one but Ljungberg looks pretty good. So can anyone give me Feedback about Ljungberg and tell me if it's worth upgrading?
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2021.10.22 00:03 KaliburYT Proof drones are OP

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2021.10.22 00:03 atanner14 [FREE] Rod Wave Type Beat 2021 - "See You Cry”

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2021.10.22 00:03 Alphaleader42 Volleyball Tickets

Hey yall, I was wondering for the volleyball game tmrw, do they accept walk-ins, just by showing your campus pass/ID or do you actually need the ticket from the box office. (I know students get them for free, while supplies last)
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2021.10.22 00:03 GTSBot [GTS] Does anybody know what game this is from? (From the Steam Deck page)

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2021.10.22 00:03 Opening_Cow_1783 $HLTH.V OTC: $RSCZF - Cheapest crypto play out there. In depth due diligence below. Wouter Witvoet's new play. 10-20X+ potential!!'

$HLTH Due Diligence -
$HLTH - has the same team and playbook as $DEFI (formerly $RM), and will use the same promo mechanisms as ACDC MOVE SHRM AMMP, which all ran 5-10X+ with sizeable floats, most being over 300M.. The founder of DEFI and Co-Founder of ASIC Power (Wouter Witvoet) and HIVE (Olivier Francois Newton) own a combined 64m+, approx 20% of the 338m non fully diluted float. This does not include any shares they may have purchased on the open market. They are leading the way here and current CEO Alex Somjin is moving to ORIG (origin therapeutics) soon.
Name change, Change of Business, transition to single purpose entity, and uplisting to NEO exchange expected within 30-60 days as stated by CEO last Friday.
From recent NR - "Following a thorough evaluation of the Company’s existing resources and a review of its strategic options, the Company has made the decision to refocus its business operations to the area of cryptocurrency from its current business as an investment issuer (the “Change of Business”) and will focus primarily on operating the business of companies operating in such business."
Global Care Capital ($HLTH) owns 10 assets, but they are selling off 7 and keeping the 3 assets related to Crypto/Blockchain:
1- CCM Technologies Inc.- ACTIVE
2- ASIC Power Company - ACTIVE
3- Metaverse Capital Corp. - DORMANT
Wouter Witvoet, Co-Founder of DeFi technologies, SecFi and ASIC Power, took 8M shares, INSTEAD OF CASH, at 7.5c for a $500k loan agreement with CCM Technologies -
You can get shares for cheaper than he did right now.. To add to this, serious players got shares at 11c:
Wouter Witvoet was also issued 7,925,250 shares at $0.11.
Daniel Novak, Co-founder of ASIC Power and SP at Schindler, was issued 1,500,001 shares at $0.11
Oliver Francois Roussy Newton, Founder of HIVE & DEFI technologies and advisor at the worlds largest crypto mining company, was issued 7,925,250 shares at a deemed value of $0.11
Stan Bharti, Founder and Executive Chairman of Forbes & Manhattan Inc., was issued 5,000,000 shares at a deemed value of $0.11
Julian Bharti (son of Stan Bharti), was issued 8,850,500 shares at a deemed value of $0.11 - $HLTH has $122M in deferred tax assets, this is one of the main reasons Wouter Witvoet and Olivier Francois Newton chose this shell.
Let's take a closer look at ASIC Power Corp.'s business model: Put simply, the company offers streaming contracts to minemining farms that finance new acquisitions of ASIC miner equipment.
As part of the financing, ASIC Power Corp. will receive a contractually agreed percentage share of mined crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. Typically, the royalty streaming contracts are designed in such a way that the risk is reduced downwards in the event of price declines, but participation in price increases is given.
Depending on the company's strategy, ASIC Power can sell the cryptocurrencies generated in this way directly in the market and refinance new streaming contracts with the revenues. Or the company keeps the Bitcoins in the investment portfolio and can benefit from future price en-times to the maximum within the framework of a HODL strategy.
Experience has shown that the streaming & royalty business is very profitable: returns between 10-30% are the rule rather than the exception. And that with short repayment periods of 2 to 4 years. So far, crypto miners have often had a financing problem, as traditional banks usually do not finance mining equipment for business policy reasons.
This listed company is now becoming one of the few financing providers. And you as a shareholder can benefit from the expected dynamic growth.
ASIC Power Corporation is led by a first-class management with the best network contacts to venture capital backers and Silicon Valley! For example, one of the co-founders of ASIC Power is Wouter Witvoet (co-founder of DeFi Technologies). The management also includes Olivier Roussy Newton (ex founder of HIVE Blockchain)!
Close contacts to manufacturers of mining equipment (ASIC Miners) pay off at face value! ASIC Power Corp. was even able to buy the 208 crypto miners from the first contract about 70% cheaper than usual on the market!
Thus, ASIC Power will continue to be a first port of call for new projects or crypto farm expansions, which will of course have a very positive effect on future earnings growth.
Explosive side note: At the end of May 2021, China announced stricter regulation of crypto mining companies with a possible ban on business activities. We expect the majority of the devices to be used in North America and Scandinavia. Thus, the demand for innovative financing, such as that offered by ASIC Power, is likely to increase enormously.
ASIC Power website/socials:
CCM Technologies - is a cryptocurrency mining company with state-of-the-art ASIC chips. CCM will be hosting the miners with Compute North, an industry leader in digital infrastructure and blockchain hosting services in the United States.
CCM acquisition terms - In consideration for the Transaction, and on closing thereof, Global Care issued an aggregate of 94,170,001 common shares of Global Care (the “Consideration Shares”) to CCM shareholders at a deemed price of $0.11 per Consideration Share and issued to CCM warrantholders an aggregate of 65,000,000 common share purchase warrants (the “Consideration Warrants”)
CCM Bitmain miners/hash rate - "The 975 miners are composed of 195 Whatsminer M30S and 780 latest generation Antminer S19J Pro. The miners produce either 93 or 105 TH/s (Terahash per second) dependent on the model, adding a total of 100 PH/s (Petahash per second) to the Company’s hash rate with customized software."
To put this in perspective, HIVE currently has a total bitcoin operating hash rate of 925 Petahash per second (PH/s).
CCM equipment installation timeline via Global Care - "Installation of the S19J Pro is anticipated to begin in August in increments of 65 units per month until Q2 2022. The 195 Whatsminer M30S are anticipated to be installed in October 2021."
CCM deposits on mining equipment - On April 20, 2021, the Company, through its subsidiary, entered into an agreement with Compute North for computer equipment (bitmain miners) totaling US$6,959,755 ($8,715,701). Of the total required deposit payments to date, US$3,012,818 has been paid, and the balance of US$3,946,937 is included in accounts payable and accrued liabilities. The Company is committed to paying US$108,362 over the next eleven months.
CCM CEO - Lawrence Cofield is a veteran of the IT industry. Last year he concluded a 2-year contract with TAAL as a Global Account Manager, overseeing 280,000 ASIC miners, and managing several projects worth a combined $80M CAD. TAAL is a blockchain infrastructure company focused on BitcoinSV. Craig Wright sits on the advisory board.
CCM website/socials -
Please feel free to fact check any of the DD posted above. GLTA!.
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2021.10.22 00:03 Angrypenguin4 Me_irl

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2021.10.22 00:03 HJenkinsRSN WWE Not Listing Another NXT TakeOver Event For The Rest Of 2021

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2021.10.22 00:03 mrstealurbic FS: 10/23 Chula Vista 1 ticket section 203

Bought and extra ticket not with my friends. One of my friend bailed so I have an extra. Willing to sell less than face!
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2021.10.22 00:03 PirateGabby A person kills someone because of their severe mental illness. Is this person evil?

View Poll
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2021.10.22 00:03 Unhappy_Caregiver_81 Samurai faces Titan

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2021.10.22 00:03 throwaway-person Connor's eulogy at Mo's funeral

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2021.10.22 00:03 CanvasWars Sneak peek at Uncanny Apes Bride of Frankenstein!

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2021.10.22 00:03 ToxoTron This is what I managed to acquire during my vacation in Vegas

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2021.10.22 00:03 MaliEndz These couponers are out of hand

My store can’t keep merchandise on the shelf for more than a day. For months, my HBA section is always empty as soon as I finish truck because of these couponers fiending for extrabucks. And I know the use more than one extra care card yet I don’t say anything because nobody else in the store cares enough to stop it. Now, I once again got to deal with customers asking when will we restock because they can’t buy necessities like body wash and tooth paster because a 40 year old woman who had nothing better to do with her time or money decided to clear out the shelves. We are in a supply chain shortage yet cvs still is throwing everything on sale which only rewards these couponers instead of getting goods to people who actually need the shit. I don’t care too much about cvs and its stock but I do get annoyed that as soon as I finish my truck totes, the shelves go back to empty and people have to wait another two weeks to MAYBE get some fuckin toothpaste.
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2021.10.22 00:03 OrangeBandito21 Seeding springtails in an isopod culture

(I posted this in the springtail sub as well, but figured I would ask here as well).
Question about starting springtail cultures:
I have a few isopod cultures I want to add springtails to (as well as a bioactive bearded dragon enclosure). I ordered a clay culture online and received it today.
How many springtails do I need to seed in each isopod enclosure to get an established group? Im wondering if I need to grow the springtail culture separately, or if I can go ahead and add some to my isopods.
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2021.10.22 00:03 playbunnies I closed the door and my top fell on her like this :(

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2021.10.22 00:03 Redpenguin00 CTG build suggestions

Did anyone have a good build for Constantine?
I had the ion cannon maxed out but my union leader says the strategy and misses are better.
When I switched builds I lost about 10k dpm, but ge says it makes up for it. Any recommendations
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2021.10.22 00:03 lalafriday Parking enforcement officer busted for parking in crosswalk

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2021.10.22 00:03 ChurninPark Arrma vorteks vs big rock vs kraton; What one would you choose?

I would be using it for backyard grass so nothing long, gravel, dirt, jumps, drifting on pavement and dirt. I won’t be doing any crawling.
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2021.10.22 00:03 zachary_oechsner I'm lost

Idk why I'm doing this. I just feel I have to somehow justify my existence. Even if I have nothing to prove. I dropped out of high school a couple months back while living in a hotel with my mom and her fiancee for over 6 months. Everyday I couldn't stop thinking about how I ruined my own life. How you may ask? Well apparently if you give a girl the bird for calling you gay she can interpret that as a death threat and have you suspended and expelled. After I got expelled I also got a restraining order from her and her mother by a cop named Sydner. The guy was a complete asshole. This was when I used to live in an apartment complex before we had to move to the hotel.
Me and mom tried fighting back in court, but we couldn't get a case worker which pretty much ended that. You know what's funny? The first time that cop brought me into his office at my school he shows me printed out images of me and the girl's messages on messenger. He and her interpreted as me threatening her. But the cop didn't know the hull story. In the conversation I was venting to her thinking we were at least semi-friends since We've talked a couple times and sometimes message each other. I was venting to her about how some assholes made fun of me. They made fun of me and laughed at me. I vented about the assholes and after I had calmed myself down I messaged her apologizing and stupidly saying "you must think I'm a serial killer or something" or something like that. Although what was even more stupid was that she took that literally.
The story is just people being idiots and misinterpreting the words of an autistic teenager who struggles with social anxiety and doesn't know how to control his emotions. The hull thing was a mess, and it would never have happened if I would've just taken the remark like a good little boy. Of course though I wasn't out of school for long. As soon as my mom got me and my brother on online school I became tired all the time after school was over each day and just wanted to sleep all day. We we're given a mobile hotspot by our school to do online schooling. It was miserable, and they would also send us school food as well that tasted like crap. Eventually though I decided to use all the data on the hotspot so that we didn't have to get online for school. Only lasted a couple days though, but it was worth it.
Today I'm lucky to be in a house in somewhat of a good neighborhood with my brother and mom along with her fiancee and his mother. Hell today we just got a microwave after 2 weeks since we've moved in. But somehow I still feel empty inside, and long for some sort of meaning in life. Right now I'm not in school, and every day my mom reminds me of school it makes me so frustrated about what I should do. I'm afraid to tell my mom anything about my feelings about what I should do with my life. Idk what to do.
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